CCC Update 8/10/18

Your Community College Coalition bargaining team continued to work hard this week by meeting for three consecutive days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are continuing to invest the time and energy into thoughtful proposals and language for a fair contract for our members.

  • On Tuesday our team presented eight proposals, responded to five proposals from management and came to tentative agreements on three articles.
  • On Wednesday, we gave management three counter proposals, considered six proposals from management, and came to a tentative agreement on three articles.

Though work continues, there were several instances where the team experienced frustration with management’s strategies.

This included the management team appearing for a whole 29 minutes Thursday morning and then delaying their return several times via text messages and phone calls until they finally showed up at 3:38 pm for a total of 43 minutes.

Later in the evening, the management team returned at 6:39pm presenting three more articles for a final meeting of the day that lasted 23 minutes.

At of the end of negotiations on Thursday, our bargaining team presented management with three additional counter proposals, considered nine counter proposals from management, and reached tentative agreements on seven articles. This leaves us with fourteen articles and appendices to complete.

During the time that we were not meeting with management, we continued to work on language, proposals, and possible statements that could enlighten management on our members perspectives.

Your CCC Bargaining Team will meet again on August 28, 29 and 30 to continue to work on a fair and equitable contract for our 100% Union.